Canal Bar

Sunday Scaries

Sunday 8th January 2023

This gig has now passed

Sunday Scaries | Live at PowerHaus Camden

Doors at 5:00pm

Doors open 5pm
Sunday Scaries. Our mission is bringing you the best live music London has to offer. Sunday is that neglected day of the week, relegated to life admin and family visits.

We say no more! Join us for an evening of live music from quality artists.


Calon is a Welsh musician originally from Swansea. Mainly influenced by Jeff Buckley, Elliot Smith, Radiohead and the guitar style of Johnny Marr.

Honess Jones is a talented alt pop performer and a low key comedy genius. His high energy tunes are Hall & Oates like and have an undebatable catchy rhythm to them.

Gus is a songwriter and screenwriter and has performed to crowds across London. His lyrical themes are around emotional integrity and finding the comical if not tragic thread that runs through many of our life defining moments.