Canal Bar

Canal Bar: Luca Firth

Friday 19th May 2023

Canal Bar: Luca Firth | Live at PowerHaus Camden

Tickets £10

Doors at 7:30pm

Luca Firth is a music artist from London; inspired by the likes of Justin Vernon, Phil Elverum and Sharon Van Etten, he made use of lockdown by taking a DIY approach to recording his own brand of indie folk.

“When the lockdown hit, I was in Italy, living in my grandparents garage and working on a farm,” says Luca. “Being surrounded by nature at a time when the world was standing still kick-started an idea to begin recording what will eventually be an album, making use of natural outdoor space to lay down the foundations.”

Fast forward a few months and Luca attended a covid-stricken Exeter University where he finds himself completely confined to halls. With an abundance of inspiration and a lack of resources, he began to rearrange, record and mix the songs he had written, armed with just a laptop, a microphone and a couple of guitars, often using furniture as makeshift instruments to conjure up percussive soundscapes.